FACT: Right Now Your Ex has 100% Control of:

-How Much You Pay in Child Support

-How Often You Can See Your Child

-Whether You Can See Your Child at All

Unless you have a judge’s order on your side.

Most alarming of all, without a judges order on your side, your ex has 100% control over:

What Kind of Man Will Raise Your Child?

If she is with the wrong kind of man, the long term effects on your children could be disastrous.

Studies have shown over and over that little girls raised by their non-biological father are much more at risk for:

Self esteem issues

Body weight issues

Even growing up with “Daddy issues” that make them make dangerous decisions with older men.

Little boys raised by step fathers are much more in danger of abuse, being bullied, and feeling like they don’t fit in this world.

Studies show they are much more likely to grow up without direction. And vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

These are unpleasant truths to discuss, but the result of not taking action could be much worse.

Here are some of the warning signs:

-Your ex doesn’t return your texts or calls

-Your ex doesn’t show up when it’s your turn to spend time with your child

-Your ex doesn’t tell you about doctors visits or school activities

The Solution?

A judge having your back in the form of a court order she must follow.

No more games.

No more getting jerked around.

No more danger to your children from another man without you being able to protect them.

In Cook County there are an average of 1428 custody cases per month.

As one of the only firms in the city that focus on Father’s Rights we have to be selective about who we take on as clients.

That way we can guarantee the best results for the men we work with. 

Who We Are:

Joint Custody Advocates is a Father's Rights Law firm started by attorney Robert "Bobby" Buchanan. 

Bobby has helped over 300 fathers get joint or full custody, and has a stellar reputation in Cook County as a fierce advocate for dads who isn't afraid of challenging the system that is stacked against men. 

Here's a run down of a few of our proudest litigation moments (of course, no case is the same and past victories are not indicative of what results we might be able to get in your case):

  • Successfully regained custody for a father who had been falsely accused of abuse of his six-year-old daughter.

  • Secured regular, 50-50, parenting time for father who had not seen his two-year-old son in over a year. 

  • Obtained 50-50 parenting time for father who had been marginalized to every other weekend before hiring our office. 

  • Gained regular parenting time and reduced child support for father who was on supervised visitation before starting court process.

We are also proud to have received the following honors: 

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