Why Us

Benefit From Our Experienced Attorneys Dedicated To The Fight For Joint Custody

Joint Custody Advocates offers access to comprehensive legal representation designed to achieve your goals and to protect your children. With our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the custody process, there is no law firm better suited to handle your custody matter.

Our dedicated team will learn about and assist you with your unique situation, giving you the peace of mind of having experienced, dedicated professionals helping you every step of the way.

Our Comprehensive Representation Includes the Following and More:

✔ Case strategy session

✔ Case initiation and service on opposing party

✔ Entry of emergency and expedited orders to establish immediate parenting time

✔ Emergency motions to protect children

✔  Child tax credit rights

✔  Defense against fraudulent child support requests

✔  Orders of protection/restraining orders to help domestic violence victims

✔  Entry of orders to establish your rights to school and medical records

✔  Passport obtainments

✔  Defense against removal of children from state

✔ Defense against alienation, marginalization, and kidnapping

✔  Appointment of guardian ad litem and child’s representative

✔  Child support and child care expense contribution litigation and defense

✔ Negotiation of a full parenting plan that provides each parent with equal decision making and parenting time

✔ Defense against false abuse allegations

Discovery Call

The first step in the process is a call with our office.

Our friendly and compassionate intake team is waiting to hear about your situation and to give you further information about your options. Call to get your questions answered.

  • What does the custody process actually look like?
  • How long does the custody process take?
  • How much does the custody process cost?
  • What are your chances of actually getting joint custody?
  • How much will the effect your children?
  • What is the next step?
  • How do you get started?

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced attorneys with in-depth knowledge of the custody process
  • Superior professional reputation among judges and colleagues
  • A track record of having helped hundreds of families
  • A team approach including paralegals, law clerks, and investigators assigned to each case
  • Aggressive, smart representation aimed at effective, long-lasting resolution
  • Real-time and consistent communication between firm and client
  • Excellent client satisfaction rating and reviews
  • Dedication to the values of professionalism and pragmatism with a focus on your children, getting you results and getting your case out of court

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